What’s Right is (Almost Never) Easy

Let’s just say these two weeks are one of the most difficult weeks in my life . Oh and btw , I’m not complaining , just trying to pull out the silver lining 😉

Last week I was having an argument with one of my friend . We are working together in the same organization . Working here, I say, is way more tricky than any other work I do .  Working here means handling people’s emotion in a very tricky way in order to keep their trust, prevent them from doing any bigger harm,get the job done and last but not least , to prevent innocent people away from the problem inside . (Has anyone guessed what kind of organization is this ? 😉 )

So let’s just say that the argument wrecked  me from the outside .  I was exhaustedly helpless to even defend myself from being blamed .I was tired believing the people I work with are doing the job with the same purpose as me (as it should be ). I just lost the spirit I once owned abundantly. Thanks God that I re-gained it after a night crying out my sorrow and watching serials (Criminal Minds, never failed to cherish me :p ).

One problem solved , another one comes another way . As I was doing the usual job , checking this and that and making sure everything’s well-handled, I heard someone muttered a curse. It was like having your broken hand bandaged, not yet fixed, then got it crushed again .

That moment I was so furious I wanted to punch him in the face . Yes I could do that , but my common sense forbade me to . That would be a very childish way to solve a problem . Besides, it could resulted in releasing that person’s anger even worse. So all I could do is ignoring his laughter of my anger, keep doing my recent job , which has become very difficult . It’s like carrying along a hundred-ton burden at your shoulder. As for today, I already got rid of it 🙂

Doing what is right, is very painful most of the time . I guess a person ‘s strength is not only measured by how far he goes , but also how long he stays still despite of the turbulences.

“..the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy…” –  Albus Dumbledore





2 thoughts on “What’s Right is (Almost Never) Easy

  1. Try to enjoy it even it feels very painful. Believe me, someday you will grateful for the whole history that you ever had in your life.
    I really like this verse:
    Cause God knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold (Job 23:10)…

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