Dreams and Resources

Taking Risk

I am not a risk taker, to be honest.  Lately I was trapped in a project with very big goal but limited resources.  It is not that i don’t want to help, aside from the fact that this project is unfortunately a kind of merely personal ambition, but rather to the fact that I don’t believe in belief-driven goal.

Some of my acquaintances are risk takers. Hard core. They are people who willing to do even everything just to achieve a certain goal.  They believe in their dreams . They don’t even bother if they do not have the resources yet, they believe they will obtain them eventually. Even in a short time. I should say these people are driven by belief.

Unlike me , I do not take many risks though I do dream big . I am very resource-driven.  Living in the music school business for the past 3 years makes me realize that resources (e.g musical skills) are indeed important. Unless you are a very good performer or teacher or scholars, you wouldn’t survive there .

Sadly , most people think that living there could be supported by just an ordinary level of music performing.  This phenomenon is explained by Cal Newport in his book  So Good They Can’t Ignore You .  Many people pursue their dream without realizing that they do not have sufficient resources.  How could I achieve something big by only using the passion and belief itself? You need to be financially secured for that , at the very least.

It is not that I discredit successful people who used to dream big and eventually achieve it .  It is the fact that I am concern about these people, will they get along well?  I do think people need to dream big , just please don’t get blinded by the dream and passion.  Sometimes you need to put a strap onto yourself while chasing dreams, and prepare everything well.

Cal Newport owns a blog dedicated to decode patterns of success , in studying and working. Go check it out :Study Hacks


2 thoughts on “Dreams and Resources

  1. I think, dreaming and planning should always walk together. Failure to do planning = Planning a failure.

    Having a big dream is important but i think everyone should take one step at a time by using planning until finally they reach they goal. How can you achieve something if you don’t know how to do it, right? Except they are very lucky.

    Of course planning includes listing the recources needed then check whether we have that resource or not, then make further planning based on the condition. That’s why i totaly agree with you way of thinking 🙂

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