A Brief Getaway

2 months ago , I was randomly looking up airline promos for cheap tickets. I and my fam decided to take a brief getaway to KL since it’s near and we have never been there 😀

Unlike Singapore, KL’s low cost airline’s airport is quite far from the downtown so we took a bus instead to the central station (KL Sentral) .  There are many bus operator providing route LCCT – KL Sentral. The journey itself took about an hour.  KL Sentral houses several transportation mode , the KTM komuter, LRT (train), and Monorail .  You can buy ticket ( token) for each single trip or you can buy a prepaid card that

Since I was travelling with my fam ( mom , dad, and sister) it is not really recommended to take adventurous journey , unless everyone is willing to take very long walk 😀 . Upon our arrival at the hotel , we took a short walk to some malls in Bukit Bintang.  There were bustling street and unparallel roads between the shopping malls .

The next day , we decided to visit the National Museum .  The KL trip guide does not give detailed route to go there (they suggested a taxi instead –‘ ) . Since at the map it looks close to the KL Sentral , we took the monorail there, then .  It turns out that the National Museum is only 10 minutes away walking from the station . It is invisible from the station because there is a tall hotel just across the road :))

The National Museum houses 4 galleries ,

1. Early History Gallery

2. The Malay Kingdoms

3. The Colonial Era

4 Malaysia Today ( is temporarily closed due to renovation)

Yes, those are Keris from old Malay kingdoms
A replica from Borobudur Temple ;)
A replica from Borobudur Temple 😉

Funny thing, is the replica of Borobudur relief we found here (errr shouldn’t that be on the Borobudur museum in Indonesia ? :)) ) . IMO , this museum provides several Indonesian artifacts based on the loose fact that long time ago Indonesia and Malaysia shared the same cultures ( back in the 1400s ) . Artifacts from the Hindu-Buddhism kingdom such as Majapahit are shown here, too .  Hello, Indonesian fellas , mind taking a brief look at our museums ? 😉

Anyway, leaving the Museum we took the train to Masjid Jamek station and walked to Merdeka Square. The Square is a huge grassfield with an enormous flagpole . There are several antique buildings surrounding the square, including Kuala Lumpur Library . There were many tourists taking photograph here as the field looks so fresh , pity the cloudy sky and the small rain 😦

Views from Merdeka Square
Views from Merdeka Square
National Library , the next building is National Children Library
National Library , the next building is National Children Library
Another view from Merdeka Square
Another view from Merdeka Square
Last view from Merdeka Square
Last view from Merdeka Square

We went back home the next day. I hope you enjoy this very brief review.  Looking forward for another getaway B-)




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