Happy Twenty

at first , somehow i just wanted to spend my  birthday alone, in total solitude . Well except for my family at home . So i hid my birthday at my facebook page and at a certain time of the day i deactivated my account, for a particular reason

Then @ 12.00am my old friend texted me , followed by several people the entire day.  I only had a class at noon, followed by an exam.  There came a little disturbance and that made me even more craving for a total solitude . I quickly deactivated my facebook account. Then i straightly came to church and one of my friends told the other that i had birthday.  So there it went, people gave me wishes and so on. Thanks, for saving my mood from big turbulence.

The next day, i received a wish from an abroad friend.  Since i had hidden my birthday info , i didn’t expect anyone to remember my birthday . But he did remember, which was quite a surprise to me . Some ppl also gave me wishes afterwards.

And here come a very magnificent surprise. My little cousin sent me a letter ( by postal service) and he wrote wishes in it ! Actually, we meet almost everyday . he was scheduled to have a visit to the post office along with his entire 2nd grade elementary school class. The previous day, he asked my dad our address and he said that he would have a surprise by using that address . Whow, that was just,, magnificent. I personally have no idea how a little kid will do me a very nice favor .

Several days had passed and there was actually another big surprise for me . Here it is : a tigger doll along with a handmade birthday card including handwritten wishes from my friends ❤ . What really touched me is the writing at the bag : “Smile Projects” .  Due to certain circumstances, i have been somehow colder in everyday life. I pictured myself as a loner without a single trace of trusting people.I really enjoyed being in the almost total solitude. It seemed that during those time i haven’t smiled a lot and sometimes i forgot how to put a real smile, not a fake one. I couldn’t stop smiling as I opened the card and read the wishes .  My dearest friends, thanks a lot . I don’t know if this meant anything important to you , but for me this really meant something .  I thought i just got a little hope back , and well sometimes life is just beautiful .  I guess I could restart my mindset, how i could trust people again , and how i could just do a little  kindness to others in everyday life, despite the response. I don’t really care what effect it will bring , or how it will be valued, just do the thing,anyway.


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