Super 2011

Hi, it’s me again .  So last term was not really good, due to mood disturbances. There were lots of disturbances and most of them had big amplitudes . I have been in the 4th term for about a month and these days life kind of hectic, hahaha . let’s see:

1. a weekly dose of journal for env. microbiology and fluid mechanics each, hand-written

2. a weekly dose of experiment reports for both of the subjects mentioned

3. a weekly assignment for hidrology

4. note taking for env. chemistry and usually a weekly quiz too

5. soil mechanics, which i still don’t understand well

6. env . physics : exam every 5 weeks

7. religion : a huge assignment for the length of a term

8. beside 2 courses i have been taking, i ‘m currently taking another one, twice a week : chinese. Oh , and a coming-soon course : pipe organ . This latest course will cut my expenses, only this is my childhood dream so i don’t really bother . It only means : no more unhealthy snack during breaks, ha !

9. teaching -currently- a kindergarten kid to play piano once a week, but sometimes increase to 6 ppl a week

10.accompanying choir and sunday services, checking sunday service preparation, arranging schedules and socializing it,

11. an essay each month, and a huge-responsibility essay for this month -deadline schedule: 2 days from now-

12. last but not least, taking part in academic division of HMTL ITB

there, i should be more hectic than last term . What is weird, is that i don’t really feel hectic at all. No more exceed mood disturbance these day ( and i hope it stays that way, haha) . The mood problem in the previous time has changed me . I’m still compartmentalizing, and a hardcore precautionist in a subject called relationship, ha ! Sorry for any inconvenience , it’s my past experience’s deed.  God, please help me to always stick to You in these evil days


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