The Joshua Files : The Invisible City

At the beginning of  this holiday , I was planning to read a stack of books.  Having read hundreds of pages, what really got my attention were fiction books.

This  book (this post’s title) got across my eyes when i was strolling in gramedia, wondering if there was something really interesting. And , it got my attention.

Joshua Harris was a teenager who lived in Oxford.  His mum was a British history lecturer, while his father was a Mexican archeologist.  One day, his father was reported died in a plane crash in Mexico.  Not really trust the news, Josh made a blog consisting his discoveries of the facts upon his father’s death.  His further investigation on his father’s office showed some fact that his father was after a Mayan codex, and his father wanted him to destroy the codex.  Having a big curiosity, he flew to Mexico.  There, he not only found the codex but also the invisible city,the people inside it, and the people who chased him (and perhaps, his father)

There, a brief summary of the whole plot. This book also contains ideas of conspiration theory and the 2012 prophecy.  Overall, this book is interesting. Highly recommended for person who has interest of archeology,especially Mayan. I’m waiting for the second installment to be released, Ice Shock


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